3 Big Ways to Boost Your Kidney Health (Today!)

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Go ahead, give your lower back a pat. Consider it a ‘thank you’ for all your kidneys do for you and your body. These fist-sized organs are busy both day and night:

– Cleansing your blood

– Filtering out waste

– Making new red blood cells

– Building stronger bones

– Maintaining fluid level balance 

Don’t be fooled; your kidneys don’t work alone. Your urologist can show you how they’re part of a powerful team, including your lungs, brain, heart, stomach, and muscles. They can easily be affected by additional medical conditions elsewhere in your body, so it’s pretty important that you do what you can to keep your kidneys safe and reduce the strain you put on them.

Sounds like a plan, right? How do you start? Try these three easy tips that you can use today, courtesy of your friends at GP Urology.

(Remember: healthy kidneys =  a healthy body.)

Tip #1 – Water, Water Everywhere (Drink It)

Think of water as your kidneys’ BFF. They depend on water to continue to do all of the highly important jobs we mentioned earlier and prevent kidney stones so that your body can function optimally.

How much water should you drink daily? That’s the million dollar question. It all depends on who you ask, and there’s truly not a definitive formula that will work for every single human being on the planet. We’re all different, and so are our water needs. Stick to four to six glasses or 48-64 ounces.

(Remember: Don’t overdo it with your water intake. Your kidneys won’t really benefit from it.)

Tip #2 – Healthy Food Everywhere (Eat It)

Your kidneys are no different than the rest of your body when it comes to what you eat – they prefer healthy over junky. Dietary restrictions will vary from patient to patient depending on different factors such as if you’re in the early or advanced stages of kidney disease. It’s generally good to avoid foods high in phosphorus, potassium, and sodium, but here are some options to try:

– Cauliflower

– Blueberries

– Sea Bass

– Red Grapes

– Egg Whites

– Garlic

– Olive Oil

– Skinless Chicken

– Bell Peppers

(Remember: Not all diets are created equal.)

Tip #3 – Exercise Everywhere (Do It)

We all know how important, regular exercise and activity is for our mind, body, and spirit. So, it should come as no shock that your kidneys like it too. With regular, healthy habits, you’ll be able to reduce weight gain and high blood pressure that can negatively affect how well your kidneys operate.

(Remember: Don’t overdo it. Too much strain on muscle tissue can strain your kidneys too.)

The Urology Care Foundation estimated in 2018 that more than 26 million Americans have kidney disease. The problem is, most people don’t even know they have it because the symptoms generally don’t show up until the disease has progressed.

By taking these steps today and every day, you can help to keep your kidneys functioning correctly so you can enjoy a fuller, longer life.