Best Foods that Increase Libido

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Sexual drive is an important puzzle in our lives. Naturally, we differ in it, both men and women, and numerous factors affect the desire that we call libido. However, in general, its level decrease while we are aging and the activity in the bedroom is gradually subsiding.
Still, there are ways to promote active sexual life and some of them are natural and useful for overall health. Here we are going to discuss the best foods to increase libido, their types and their special features. Let’s find out the connection between diet and sex and use this knowledge to improve the quality of life.

What Libido Is?

Libido is the term that defines the desire for sexual intimacy. It can be weak, middle or low and differs from person to person. Even the same person experiences fluctuations in it because numerous factors influence it, namely:

  • inborn features are known as asexual temper;
  • age and physical well-being;
  • lifestyle (diet, quality of sleep, physical activity);
  • relationships with other people;
  • stress in everyday life.

Women are prone to experience different libido levels according to their cycles. Hormones also influence men during the day. Thus, it is a sophisticated system but we still can influence it.

Importance of healthy libido

It is hard to overestimate the importance of healthy sexual life. We cannot deny it, especially for good relationships in couples. When partners have similar libido levels that makes common ground for them and creates a comfortable sexual space.

Furthermore, when one of the partners experience a decrease in libido while the other is not, this may be the starting point for conflicts and misunderstanding. In addition, a libido lack can be subjectively perceived as a big problem and even a tragedy for those who were used to active sexual life.

That is why it is worth remembering that we can influence it and enhance natural desire if needed.

How diet can affect libido

We are what we eat by all means. Therefore, when one switches to a healthy diet, he gets:

  • better overall performance of all systems and organs;
  • promotion of hormones synthesis and maintaining reproductive health;
  • boost to the circulatory system and improvement in cardiac health that is directly related to sexual activity;
  • healthier brain performance including resistance to stress and depression that can spoil sexual life.

Altogether, foods for libido have a direct effect on the body as a whole. Besides, their consumption is a natural way to give your body all that it needs to perform perfectly well.

Best Foods to Increase Libido

Now let’s find out what exactly we should include in our diet to feel a stronger desire and bring it to life in the bedroom.


First of all, there is a special food group that is called aphrodisiacs which is well-known since ancient times. These foods contain different components that arose desire and improve sexual performance.


One of the leading products in this group is oysters. They are highly rich in zinc that is important in two ways:

  • it enhances blood flow in the body that is crucial for the reproductive system;
  • it boosts male fertility and helps to increase testosterone levels.

A similar action is also observed for lobster and crabs. Thus, these are foods that increase male libido.

Dark Chocolate

High-quality dark chocolate is rich in many useful nutrients, for example:

  • it provides compounds from which serotonin and dopamine are synthesized in the brain. These molecules create a state of happiness and a positive attitude towards life including its sexual aspect;
  • a group of antioxidants called flavanolsenhance blood flow and helps blood vessels to maintain their health, and this is crucial for the reproductive system.


This one is a great source of versatile compoundsuseful for health. For instance, unsaturated fats and potassium are necessary for blood circulation and cardiac health. Vitamins B and E represent a necessary part of compounds needed for reproduction system work.

In addition, they improve overall health and boost the body toward active life in all spheres.


If you are in a hurry and need a snack, switch to nuts and seeds instead of candies. Thus, almonds are rich in zinc and amino acids and will help to improve blood circulation.


The exciting fruits that stimulate fertility and boost the secretion of pheromones are figs. In addition, they are tasty and sweet. Do not hesitate to add them to your diet if you wish to impress your partner.

Foods rich in zinc

We have already mentioned some zinc-containing products that are helpful for men. The thing is that we do not need a large amount of this element. However, not all foods contain it at all. Therefore, it is recommended to balance the diet by adding the following items.


Shellfish as oysters and others are a good resource of this element. One thing to care about is their origin. They can easily absorb harmful compounds from outside, so you need to find a reliable manufacturer to experience only the good side of eating them.


Meat is also known as foods for libido. Large quantities will not do you good but a proper steak a few times per week will provide your body with:

  • proteins and essential amino acids that are building blocks for all organs and systems;
  • saturated fats that are used to create sex hormones;
  • zinc that is a key to fertility;
  • the iron that delivers oxygen to all cells and tissues.

Beef is preferable as it has a reasonable amount and composition of fats.


If legumes do not sound sexy to you, discover how much protein and iron they contain. For instance, lentils are recommended for women during pregnancy to avoid anemia development. As for the sex drive, it will not work without proteins and legumes are considered a healthy alternative to meat.

Foods rich in vitamin E

This group includes foods that increase female libido, as they are also important for fertility. For men, they are as well useful as they participate in building up reproductive system organs.


Magnesium, folate and vitamin E are provided by this vegetable and take part in hormone synthesis. In addition, they make blood circulation better.

Sunflower seeds

Antioxidants and vitamin E that are provided by this useful snack also boost the reproductive system and provide more desire to your everyday life.

Peanut butter

This product is rich not only in vitamins but also in L-arginine. The latter is required for blood vessels and thus contributes to the improvement of erectile dysfunction.

Foods to avoid

When you compose the diet, it is worth knowing what to exclude as well as what to include in it. Let us make it as healthy as possible and refuse the following items.

Processed foods

They are rich in saturated fats and sugar and badly influences all the metabolic process. Moreover, they give almost no vitamins and microelements to the body and bring no additional value. While you may feel well-fed, the body will stay exhausted.

Trans fats

Trans fats are a nightmare for all our cells. They ruin the immune system and prevent normal glucose consumption. Due to their presence in the blood glucose levels becoming high that causes many problems and declines in libido.

Caffeine and alcohol

If a small coffee cup or glass of wine can boost you to go ahead, regular intake of such stimulants is not good for your health. Caffeine disturbs the nervous system and too much alcohol ruin all the organs and systems.


Now you have all the basic ideas on a healthy diet for prolonged sexual activity. It should be diverse and include all sorts of valuable products starting from meat and fish, vegetables and fruits and ending with seeds and nuts, seafood and legumes. In addition, do not forget to avoid processed foods and exclude bad habits to stay active in all areas of life.

Stick to these ideas and try to invent your own pathway. Select products and recipes that will satisfy both your culinary tastes and sexual appetite. This is an exciting process and the results can be more than great.


What can I drink to increase libido?

There are different supplements but, at first, try to enrich your diet with foods rich in aphrodisiacs, vitamins and microelements. They boost overall health and contribute to sex drive.

Do bananas boost libido?

These fruits act in the same way as figs and help to restore the level of natural desire.

What increases male libido?

To boost the sex drive it is crucial to have enough proteins, zinc, vitamin E and magnesium in the diet. All this can be easily found in numerous foods. Just revise your diet.

What are the food that increases libido?

There are special foods that contain aphrodisiacs such as oysters and other shellfish, dark chocolate, avocado, almonds, figs and bananas. In addition, meat and fish are important as protein sources, and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds provide necessary vitamins and microelements.