Male health is an important topic that needs to be discussed more openly. Urology is the medical specialty that deals with conditions related to male health, and a urologist specializes in male reproductive and urinary organs like the prostate, testes and bladder. Common male health issues include infertility, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, urinary problems and kidney stones. With proper examinations by a urologist, these conditions can be diagnosed properly and their treatments can start as soon as possible. Early detection of any male-related disease is key to ensuring optimal recovery or prevention of further complications.

Signs of Low Libido in Males

Low libido and sex drive decrease are rather widespread health issues. Yet, there is not enough conversation about the causes and the effect they carry on men’s everyday lives. Thus,…

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Signs of high testosterone in a man

Testosterone (T) is considered a male sex hormone, even though both men's and women's bodies produce it. For men, it is necessary for healthy development during puberty, maintaining muscle mass,…

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