No matter what you do, you constantly have the urge to urinate but just can’t go or get the feeling to subside. Does this sound familiar? If so, you could be experiencing one of the biggest telltale signs of having an overactive bladder or a common disease called OAB. We has the training and technology to diagnose your issue by looking at contributing factors, like your family medical history, a physical examination, urine sample, and additional neurological or urodynamic tests, that will assess your symptoms and shed more light on your possible condition and ultimate diagnosis.

Possible treatment solutions for you could include simple pelvic exercises, weight loss, catheterization, bladder training, and more. Please don’t put any more of your life on hold because you’re embarrassed by an overactive bladder. We understand what it’s like to continue to miss out on family functions, work get-togethers, and more when you’re unsure of how your bladder is going to react. You don’t have to wear adult diapers and try to pretend the problem isn’t there. You can talk with us and create a course of treatment that gives you back your confidence and your social life.

What Is Frequent Urination?

Every person knows how often they visit the restroom throughout the day. If you drink more, you start peeing more often. But what if your fluid consumption hasn't changed and…

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