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It seems that modern medical and pharmaceutical science is able to solve any issue that appears in our minds. Still, there are challenging areas for them and one such is the hormonal system. The latter is controlled in so a subtle and amazing way that it has been hard to imagine for quite a long time the ability to control it.

However, nowadays we have both medicines and supplements that are helpful in case of hormone deficiency. And we are here today to discuss in detail the main masculine compound, the one that is behind every strong and smart man and is called testosterone.

Let’s find out its role in the body together with the perfect way to restore its deficiency. It is absolutely possible with such a supplement as Prime Male. The latter lives up to its name and is worth attention for all those who are looking for a natural way to prolong youth and live as a real man.


Prime Male

$75.00 – 120 Capsules

What is a Testosterone

Testosterone is the leading compound for the life of every man. This molecule makes them energetic, confident, and ready to solve the most challenging tasks at work during the day and satisfy the most demanding woman in the bedroom at night.

It belongs to steroid hormones and is produced daily with the highest concentration early in the morning. Generally, physical exercise contributes to the growth of its level. Still, the body controls this process and releases as many male hormones as required.

Testosterone Levels Decreases

However, the aging process is accompanied by a smooth droop in the synthesis of this useful molecule. It leads to lower mood, fatigue, and disturbed self-esteem.

Moreover, muscle mass is decreasing while fat is easily gained. Many health problems may appear, and there is no way to even think about sex drive. Of course, it feels like aging and even more as life becomes dull and uninteresting, and scares you more than attracts you.

Ways to Increase Testosterone Level

If earlier men had only to put up with this problem, now they can combat it and become winners over nature. For this, we have two different ways:

  • synthetic medicines that replace the lack;
  • natural boosters that activate the inner decision-making centers and help the body to restore the level.

If there are described side effects and precautions for medicines, the action of supplements seems to be softer. One of the leading among them is Prime Male and the following overview will give you all the detail to make an informed decision on its utilization.

What is Prime Male

Prime Male is a subsidiary of Roar Ambition. This reliable company is based in the USA and provides a set of special men’s products that are carefully developed and investigated.

This supplement is a unique combination of twelve ingredients, which includes well-known vitamins and minerals together with plant extracts and several organic compounds. Altogether, they provide the effects related to the growth of testosterone levels.

How Does Prime Male Work

The efficiency of this booster is explained by a combined influence of two important links to male hormone deficiency. Thus, its components:

  • mimic pre-hormones that cause the release of testosterone;
  • improve states that lead to the hormonal pit like prolonged stress, bad nutrition, and sleep.

This also means a positive effect on the overall health and activity of a person. We should understand that the body works as one system and just adding testosterone to it will not solve the problem.

Let your body understand that it requires this hormone and provide it with small but active molecules that will help to increase its level from the inside. This is the main idea of Prime Male.

Who Should Take Prime Male

When it goes to hormone deficiency, each person has his own age limits and states. Therefore, if you feel a decrease in your overall performance, check your hormonal system first.

There is no evidence that it will make the normal hormone level even higher, so do not try to abuse the booster.

In addition, women sometimes can also benefit from it in the same situation. They also have testosterone as a part of their normal system and can experience its deficiency as well.

Prime Male Benefits

Twelve active ingredients are united to perform a great deal of work inside the body. Thus, numerous advantages follow the intake of this supplement.

Sex Drive

Testosterone Boosters and libido

First and foremost, the combination enhances testosterone production which is directly related to libido, and your sexual appetite. In addition, components improve blood flow and contribute to a longer erection. At last, sperm production is activated and fertility grows, so you should be careful if not planning to have a child.

Increase Energy

A higher testosterone level is also related to better activity and performance in everyday life. You will feel alive and ready to act and respond to the most severe issues. This is the usual ability of young men that nowadays every man can enjoy no matter how old he is.

Weight Loss

Testosterone Boosters and weight loss

When the hormonal system is fading away, the metabolism slows down, and you can observe fat in such unwanted areas as your stomach and fat. It is really hard to burn it even with the most difficult and long workouts. Only male hormones can turn everything back and help you to lose fat and gain your muscles back.

Cognitive Function

As a real man, you need not only your muscles and energy but also sharp wits. And here hormones also clarify the situation and help you to find smart decisions, and think critically and faster.

Prime Male Side Effects

Side effects are not common for this supplement. We should mention diarrhea and sleepiness among the previously reported ones.

The most important point is the blood-thinning effect of the composition. It is caused by piperine and can be pronounced. That is why it is recommended not to take these capsules alongside other blood-thinning medicines and avoid their intake within two weeks of surgery.

Furthermore, pay attention to the possible individual intolerance and allergic reactions, especially due to the presence of plant extracts.

Prime Male Ingredients

Testosterone Boosters Ingredients

The uniqueness of this booster lies in the secret of its composition. The most common among the presented compounds are vitamins B6, K2, and D3. They deeply involve themselves in the functioning of the hormonal system and metabolism. Furthermore, the following ingredients play their parts:

  • Zinc citrate provides the body with an essential mineral for testosterone synthesis. In addition, it boosts the immune system, acts as an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agent, and improves cognitive functions;
  • Magnesium is deeply involved in the proper functioning of our hormonal system and is needed for the proper production of many substances. Moreover, it reduces the reaction to stress, which impacts positively the overall condition of the body;
  • Boron takes part in the assimilation of vitamins and is deeply involved in the proper activity of the hormonal system;
  • D-Aspartic acid serves as a suppressor for the over-production of estrogen. This effect is followed by the subsequent growth of male hormone levels due to the existing connection between these two molecules inside the body;
  • Luteolin helps to slow down the decomposition of the testosterone that was already produced. Moreover, this compound has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts the immune system, and overall performance;
  • Ashwagandha extract is a well-known traditional booster for men. This pronounced effect is accompanied by improvement of energy levels and stress reduction;
  • Nettle root extract stops the decomposition of testosterone, acts as an inflammatory agent, and can be helpful in case of problems with the prostate;
  • Ginseng extract is a powerful natural booster for the sex drive and the immune system;
  • Black pepper extract enhances the absorption of other biologically active compounds. Thus, the developers have added it to the composition, to give the body as much favor as possible.

We can see how different compounds link together to create harmony in each capsule altogether. Science has proven each compound in this real masterpiece to be active and powerful in its own way, thereby backing the efficiency and influence of the masterpiece. Together they give the body exactly the thing that it needs – the call to action and restoring deficiency of the main male hormone.


Prime Male

$75.00 – 120 Capsules

How to Use Prime Male Pills

The general prescription states that one has to take four capsules during the day. Each one must be taken after a meal. Thus, it is better to have a balanced diet that includes four meals per day to achieve the maximum effect. Keep in mind, that an overdose will not help in any case.

Prime Male Customer Reviews

There is a huge number of reviews on the web related to Prime Male that cover all the aspects of its intake and efficiency. Among the undeniable benefits, the following are the most common:

  • the pronounced influence on sex drive and libido, which makes you feel like a twenty-year-old no matter how old you are;
  • the amazing activity and ability to solve the most challenging daily problems with flying colors;
  • the change of appearance with a notable loss of fat and gain of muscles;
  • the faster decision-making and better overall performance.

The customers’ evidence that depression and tiredness are left in the past after the intake of the capsules. They get not only the younger feelings but also the true anti-aging effect that is not disappearing after a while.

The main thing is to coordinate the intake with your daily meals. For those who have less than four meals per day, it may be a bit hard.

In a nutshell, customers are satisfied with this product and state that it is cost-efficient. You can be certain of what you pay for, as the composition and all the details are open to anyone interested. The manufacturing process, places, and ingredients are all FDA-approved. Thus, the quality is also perfect, and goes without saying.


If a sudden drop in testosterone level is bothering you, do not wait until the problem becomes unbearable. Remember that natural products can help you to feel manly again in all senses starting from daily activities and ending with truly hot nights.

Prime Male is the leading one among such supplements and contains a unique combination that contributes to the whole body, acts efficiently, and does not have severe side effects. Therefore, give it a try and combine it with the proper diet and workouts to get the most out of it.


Is Prime male a steroid?

No, it is a well-known natural booster. It contains compounds that push your body toward a synthesis of hormones by yourself rather than just replacing them with synthetic equivalents.

Can I use Prime Male for an extended period?

The standard cycle lasts three weeks. If you do not experience any problems or side effects, you can prolong the intake.

Should I cycle my prime male?

No, there is no need for any extensive technique. Take the capsules four times a day at some intervals after meals. This is perfect enough to provide the desired effects.

What are the ingredients in prime male?

The unique composition is developed from vitamins B6, K2, and D3, boron, zinc, magnesium, luteolin, D-aspartic acid, and plant extracts. This is the perfect combination that solves all the issues related to the aging process in men.

Is Prime Male Safe To Take Daily?

There is no evidence of harmful side effects or any problems related to its daily intake. Still, follow your own feelings and if needed consult with a doctor.

Does Prime Male Works for Everybody?

This supplement is intended to assist every person with testosterone deficiency. It can be the representatives of both sexes, and age does not matter. However, men with a proven lack of this hormone will benefit the most.

Is Prime Male FDA approved?

The FDA has approved the manufacturing facilities and all the compounds, and they are of the corresponding quality. The corresponding certificates can be provided on request, so there is no need to worry about quality.