Who Is More Sexually Active Male or Female?

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The comparison between who wants more sex: men or women, has been done hundreds of times, and the conclusions vary from source to source. However, there is a kind of social stigma claiming men are more interested in having sex than women. Is this true? Who is more sexually active: male or female? Let’s find out!

The Importance of Sexual Activity


Sexual satisfaction and the rates of divorces correlate. What does this mean? A lack of sexual relations within the couple shows through marital problems, which eventually lead to divorce.

No matter how actively the principles of asexuality and modesty are promoted, the role of sex in a couple shouldn’t be underestimated. Intimate relations play a huge part in forming a special bond between two people. This process unites not only their physical bodies but also their minds and emotions, which creates a firm ground for long-term relationships.

Mental Health

Can you compare sexual satisfaction to anything else? Can it be compared to anything else? The feeling of total physical relaxation and tranquility combined with the utter emotional satisfaction we get from sex is unique. The positive impact of sex on mental health has been proven scientifically. The release of the hormone of happiness, serotonin, which happens during orgasm, promotes a good mood and can help people cope with depression, anxiety, and stress.

Sex Drive in Men and Women

What’s Considered a High or Low Sex Drive?

The doesn’t exist any scale that could measure the precise levels of sex drive. The high or low desire for sex is only measured by how often you want to have sex. People with high libido tend to be involved in more sexual intercourse than those with low libido.

The sexual mood of a man or woman depends on a variety of factors, including their physical and mental state. Besides, the male and female bodies work slightly differently when it comes to sex drive.

Sexologists differentiate between two types of sexual desire – spontaneous and responsive. The first is triggered by a certain situation. It’s like a hormonal blast that appears out of nowhere. This type of libido is more common in men. Women, on the other hand, operate more with a responsive desire. This is one of the reasons men are considered more sexually active than women.

Sex Drive vs. Sexual Arousal

While implying different things, sex drive and sexual arousal are often confused. So let’s clarify who is who. The mental part of your libido (the processes in the brain) can make you sexually driven. However, this has nothing to do with the actual physical manifestations of you being sexually attracted to anyone.

Sexual arousal refers to the physical aspects of your libido. This includes increased vaginal lubrication in women or spontaneous erection in men.

Factors That Influence Sexual Activity by Gender

Hormonal Differences

There is an opinion that testosterone, the dominant sex hormone in males, promotes a higher sex drive and creates the main difference between men and women sexually. However, scientists haven’t found a direct correlation between the levels of testosterone and the intensity of sexual desire in men or women. Still, taking into account their conclusions, men tend to be more sexually active than women.

Sex feelings in male and female persons are also very different. Women need physical and emotional aspects to be present in the intercourse, while men feel like physical attraction is enough to have sex with the other person.

Cultural and Societal Norms

The norms imposed in today’s society root back to the 18th century. Until then, the sexuality and sexual activity of men and women were considered equal. But later, any manifestations of the female sexual interest and sexuality became treated as unnatural, while the male sex drive remained a norm.

In many countries, predominantly Islamic, female sexuality is treated as a sin. Besides, some women are required to provide sex on demand, regardless of their own desires, thus forming a negative attitude towards intimacy.

Women who are free in their sexual preferences and beliefs are considered immoral by the majority of western societies. Such an attitude significantly impacted women, making them refuse sex more often than men.

Individual Preferences and Experiences

The difference between the male and female populations in their sexual activeness is much smaller compared to the differences within the same-sex groups. We are all different, and our needs for sexual relations are not the same. Some people are born to be more sexually active, while others don’t need sex at all and consider themselves asexual.

A huge role in our attitude to sex and libido is given to our previous sexual and life experiences. People who have gone through sexual abuse in childhood may be less sexually active in their adult life due to the trauma they’ve got. Still, this cannot be referred to all people who underwent sexual assault.

How Often Do Men and Women Think about Sex?

A 2012 study conducted at the Ohio State University can answer this question. Based on its results, men think about sex 19 times a day on average. Women, on the other hand, think about it only 10 times a day. Still, this shouldn’t be taken at face value because of the so-called “white bear problem”. The reason is the study participants were supposed to press the clicker each time they thought about sex. So when you are told to do so, it’s hard to keep sex out of your thoughts.

Sexual Satisfaction – Men vs. Women

Why do men want sex more than women? Studies say that only 46% of men and 58% of women are satisfied with their sexual relationships. The majority of men who are dissatisfied with their intimate life would like to have sex more often. However, a lack of sex was a problem for only two-thirds of the women involved in the study.

The reason men get more satisfaction from sex may hide in how often both sexes get orgasms during coitus. In women, the figures range between 30 and 41 percent of intercourse. In contrast, 85 to 95 percent of straight and gay men achieve orgasm with each intercourse.


The difference in how sexually active different genders are is insignificant. The primary role in the person’s libido plays not their gender but their erotophilia, which is a personality trait predetermining a person’s reactions to sexual cues. So there’s no universal norm for men’s and women’s sexual activeness. It is considered the norm as long as you think it so.


Which gender is more sexually driven?

Men are considered more sexually driven due to their sexual desire being more spontaneous.

Which gender initiates more sexual activity?

Driven by spontaneous sexual desire, men tend to be the initiators of sexual activity more often than women.

What age do women become more sexually active?

Women aged 27 – 45 are considered more sexually active than younger and older ladies.

Which age group is most sexually active in men?

The golden years of male sexual activeness fall between 25 and 39.