Ten Worst Foods for Prostate Health

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The prostate is a small gland found in the male reproductive system, which major function is the secretion of the fluid that mixes with sperm, nourishes, and protects it. While your prostate is healthy, you may not even know about its existence. However, as men age, they tend to develop prostate problems, which may significantly affect their quality of life.

Here are three most common prostate diseases:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This condition is accompanied by urinary tract symptoms, causing pain and burning during urination, the feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, and frequent need to go to the bathroom. About 50% of men will develop enlarged prostate between the age of 51 and 60. The figure grows to 90% in men older than 80 years old.
  • Prostatitis is a prostate inflammation. It can be either chronic or acute. Unlike BPH, prostatitis is more common among men under 50. According to NIH, 10 – 15% of Americans suffer from this condition.
  • Prostate cancer ranks first most common type of cancer in American men. The American Cancer Society claims one in eight men will have prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Men who are 65+ years old are more prone to developing prostate cancer. This condition is rare among those under 40.

Risk Factors for Prostate Disease

The risk of developing prostate problems depends on a variety of factors, which include:

  • your age;
  • overall health;
  • race;
  • your family history;
  • certain genetic changes;
  • food preferences.

As you see, foods stand in one line with the factors that don’t depend on the person’s choices. And while there’s nothing men can do about their age, ethnicity, or family history, they can make changes to their diet to reduce their risks of developing prostate health disorders.

Foods Destroying Prostate Health

So what foods should be avoided to preserve your prostate health? Let’s take a look at the ten worst foods for prostate health that you should better eliminate from your diet.

Processed Foods

Fast food for prostate health

A certain amount of processed foods is inevitably present in our diet. Fast food, canned food, pastries, and breakfast cereals –these increase the risk of developing prostate cancer. As studies show, the incidence of this disease correlates with how much processed foods a man consumes.

On the other hand, eating unprocessed food reduces the chances of getting prostate cancer. So, to preserve your health, refuse or at least, minimize their consumption.

Spicy Foods

Spicy Foods for prostate

Do you like Thai food? Our advice is that you should switch to something less spicy if you don’t want to get prostatitis.This is related to spicy food irritating the urinary system overall and the prostate in particular.People eating such foods are at an increased risk of prostate inflammation. This disorder causes a lot of bothersome symptoms, including pelvic pain. Besides, eating spicy meals can worsen the symptoms of the already-existing disease, thus adding to your suffering.

Dairy Products

Dairy Products for prostate

A systematic review of the studies regarding the influence of milk and dairy products on the incidence of prostate cancer in men revealed a correlation between how much such products you consume and the incidence of this type of cancer.

What’s more, the researchers managed to find an interconnection between the type of milk you drink and the type of cancer you get at risk. Thus, drinking low-fat milk increases the risk of non-aggressive forms of prostate cancer. Whole milk boosts the risk of fatal outcomes of the disease and tends to provoke aggressive forms of the disease more often.

Certain Types of Meat

Red Meat for prostate

Don’t be surprised, but even the type of meat you prefer in your diet plays a role in your prostate health. It has been revealed that red meat and non-organic chicken meat increase your chances of developing prostate malignancy.

Such a tendency is explained by the presence of heterocyclic amines in processed beef and chicken. This chemical is believed to be produced in animals fed foods they are not supposed to normally eat. This refers to soy, corn (for cows), as well as synthetic hormones, steroids, and antibiotics widely used in meat-growing farming.

Salad Dressings

Salad Dressings for prostate health

Eating salad and lots of veggies overall is a great idea to stay healthy. But have you ever wondered if the salad dressing is as healthy as the vegetables? In reality, salad dressing is one of the foods killing your prostate slowly.

If you read their labels, you’ll understand how many chemicals they contain. Besides, a lot of salad dressings fall into the category of processed food, which doesn’t add points to them.


alcohol for prostate health

It’s hard to find at least one organ or system which can benefit from alcohol consumption. Your prostate doesn’t like this product either. Alcohol works as a diuretic, increasing the number of visits to the bathroom. This may enhance the severity of LUTS if you already suffer from prostate issues. Besides, dehydration, which often accompanies alcohol consumption, worsens the irritation of the bladder and the prostate gland.


a lot of eggs for prostate health

While there’s no evidence of eggs increasing the risks of prostate cancer or other prostate diseases, scientists have revealed the interconnection between egg consumption and the progression and death rate of prostate cancer.

Such an effect is explained by the presence of high amounts of choline in the eggs. Individuals eating more than 2 eggs a week are 81% more likely to die of prostate cancer.


salt and prostate health

High sodium in your diet can cause severer manifestations of benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis. Excess salt leads to frequent urination, incomplete bladder emptying, and a weak urine stream. So if you want to improve your quality of life with prostate gland issues, please, reduce your sodium intake.

Saturated Fats

baked for prostate health

Your favorite baked sweets are among the many products that contain saturated fats. These are known to cause inflammation. And if it is already present in your body, like when you have BPH or prostatitis, saturated fats can worsen this. What’s more, an intense inflammatory process in the prostate becomes an additional risk factor for cancer.


coffe for prostate health

All caffeinated beverages(not only coffee or tea) work as diuretics, increasing the frequency of your bathroom visits. Frequent urination irritates the inflamed tissues of the prostate, thus boosting the LUTS manifestations. Try to minimize drinking coffee and the likewise drinks to soothe your condition.

Useful Supplements for Prostate Health

Traditional therapies aren’t always as successful as you’d want them to be or as you anticipated. Over-the-counter vitamins and supplements for prostate health are a popular option. Before beginning any new drugs, you should always consult with your urologist.

Bottom Line

The health of your prostate does not entirely depend on your food preferences. However, by modifying your diet, you can significantly improve your quality of life and reduce the risks of developing cancer.