Exercise for Better Sexual Enhancement

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The frequency, diversity, and quality of our sexual life depend a lot on how physically strong we are. Let us explain. The frequency of intercourse relies on your sexual desire, and when your physical shape and mental health leave much to be desired, it’s unlikely that your libido can hit its top.

Exploring new sexual positions is always easier when your muscles are strong. Have you seen those pictures in Kamasutra? You got to be in really good shape to repeat those!

While frequency and diversity may be not that important for some ladies, the quality of sex is what always matters. Strong pelvic floor and abdominal muscles can make your orgasms feel more intense and last longer. Isn’t it enough motivation to start doing exercise for better sexual enhancement? We guess it is.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio is the best sexual workout to enhance your physical endurance and keep your heart rate calm.


Swimming for Better Sexual Enhancement

This type of sexual exercise works great inside out. Swimming is known to reduce stress, which helps boost interest in sex. Besides, the need to hold your breath during swimming is a great workout for the cardiovascular system and lungs. Forget about the shortness of breath, pounding heartbeat, and other unwanted symptoms of a sex marathon you may have. Also, researchers consider swimming a great exercise for strengthening your pelvic floor.

Jumping Squat

Another way to work on your sexual endurance is by introducing some high-intensity interval training to your workout routine. Such exercises can prepare you for all-nigh-long sex play best of all. Jumping squat is a perfect choice as it allows working on your heart rate as well as strengthen your leg and hip muscles. While enhancing your stamina, this exercise can get you ready to explore new sex positions with your partner.

Pelvic Muscles

The intensity of your orgasms and their duration are tightly interconnected with the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.


Kegel exercises involve tightening the pubococcygeus muscles, which form the pelvic floor, for a count of 10 followed by relaxation. You can easily find them by trying to stop the urine stream while you pee. Ten to twenty repetitions a day can make a huge difference in how you control your body during sex and how intense the pleasurable sensations can be when you reach the peak.


Did you know that not only male penis gets erect when sexually excited, but the female clitoris grows in size too? That’s all due to the enhanced blood flow to the genital area, and squats are among the best choices to improve circulation in the lower body. Besides, such sex workout exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor and be beneficial for sexual arousal and the quality of sex overall.


Glute exercises are among the most effective sexual exercise for females. Check out some of those you can pick for yourself.

Hip Thrust

Thrusts are the most natural moves when it comes to sex. Hip thrusts are effective for strengthening your glutes, abdominal muscles, hips, and pelvic floor. The hip thrust is also a great stretching exercise, so it can make a big difference for you when it comes to intimacy.

Walking Lunge

The walking lunge is a variation of the static lunge. When including this exercise in your fitness sex workout plan, you make your glutes, abdominals, hips, and calves work intensively. What does this give to your performance in bed? You get enough strength to experiment with the standing sex positions and feel more confident and durable in the cowgirl pose.


Yoga does an awesome job when you need to work on your flexibility. Doing yoga can effectively deal with such problems as poor vaginal lubrication, low libido, pain during intercourse, and a lack of orgasm. All these are due to improving blood circulation. The following practices are great sex improvement exercises.

Cat/Cow Stretch

Perfect for improving your balance, flexibility, and posture is the cat/cow stretch. This pose allows working on the relaxation of your spine muscles while bringing in tone your pelvis and hips. Chakravakasana, another name for this pose, is easy to do, so even women with little physical fitness can practice it. Cat/cow stretch can be helpful with endurance in bed and diversifying your intimate life with new sex positions.

Frog Pose

Like almost any pose in yoga, the frog pose works on your flexibility. Intense stretching on thighs, groin, and hips allows for more open positions in sex with no discomfort. So if you want to surprise your partner with your new flexibility skills, the frog pose can help you with that.


Exercises to improve sex stamina cannot do wonders right away. Give yourself time and patience to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Persistence is the key to bringing your sex life to a better level. And, by the way, the exercises we’ve listed here work great not for women only but for men too. Sex is always better when the job is done on both sides, so why don’t you practice with your partner?


How can I increase my sexual pleasure?

Enhancing your physical shape, flexibility, and sexual stamina can positively affect your performance in bed and help you get more pleasure from intercourse.

Which physical exercise your stamina?

It’s essential to work on your physical shape overall. Your workout plan should include

  • aerobic sex exercises;
  • strengths exercises;
  • exercises for strengthening your pelvic floor;
  • yoga for flexibility, balance, and stamina.

Does exercise improve sexual function?

Definitely! However, you shouldn’t expect visible results after the first week of working out. It will take about a month of regular exercise to notice a difference. But moving further with your sex exercises, you’ll be able to diversify your intimate life, become more durable in bed, and enhance the power of your orgasms. The best thing is that this is only a tiny bit of benefits you’ll enjoy.