Masturbation Effects on Kidneys

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Masturbation is a part of our lives that is not usually spoken about. But this doesn’t mean people don’t do this. In fact, there is some research exploring the frequency of people masturbating. Based on them, people of all ages masturbate, but some do it more often (like 4 times a week), while others enjoy their own company several times a month.

Does it have any effect on our bodies? For sure! Will you feel any masturbation effects on the kidneys? Well, we are here to find it out.

What Is Masturbation?

Stimulating your own genitals to receive sexual satisfaction is referred to as masturbation. This is a normal and healthy natural process. It helps people learn about their bodies and understand their sexual needs better. Besides, masturbation is an important instrument in relieving stress. Still, this may be different for different people.

Does Masturbation Affect Your Kidneys?

The myths surrounding self-satisfaction tell about some devastating processes that will happen to our bodies and mind. Yet none of that is true, especially when it comes to how it affects our kidneys.

Masturbation and Kidney Stones

In the 2021 study carried out by Turkish urologists the masturbation effects on kidney stones were studied. The aim of the research was to find out whether self-satisfaction can help the passage of distal ureteral stones in men, which can be compared to ejaculating kidney stones. The researchers involved 128 men in the study and divided them into three groups. Group one was instructed to masturbate 3 – 4 times a week or more and group two was put on tamsulosin, which is an alpha-blocker used to treat prostate enlargement. Group three received standard treatment.

The results of the study showed that masturbation and intake of alpha-blockers were similarly effective, while standard treatment was left behind. Besides, men from the first and the second groups took analgesics rarer than the third group.

As for the female masturbation effects on kidneys, it is the complete opposite of what we know about men. The differences in the anatomy of the male and female genitourinary systems don’t allow women to get rid of kidney stones naturally through masturbation.

Kidney Pain after Masturbation

Do you feel pain in the lower back after masturbation? Do you think that is the kidneys’ reaction to your self-satisfaction? Well, you are probably wrong. Scientists have found no interconnection between masturbation and renal pain. The reason you feel it usually has nothing to do with what you’ve been doing in bed.

Pain in the back is often the result of you taking an awkward pose while satisfying yourself. Under the influence of hormones that explode in your body, you may not feel the discomfort. But once the pleasurable sensations are gone, you face the reality.

Masturbation Benefits

Self-stimulation of the private parts is rarely viewed from the standpoint of benefits it can bring. In most cases, it’s an orgasm that does the job. But if you have no sexual partner and don’t masturbate, you won’t get an orgasm, so these things are tightly interconnected. So here’s how you can benefit from self-stimulation?

  • better mood;
  • reduction of anxiety and stress levels;
  • full-body relaxation;
  • emotional tranquility;
  • better quality of sleep;
  • putting off sexual excitement.

All the effects mentioned are reactions to the hormonal fluctuations in the body. Masturbation promotes the release of the so-called hormones of happiness that can soothe pain sensations and bring us mental comfort and emotional satisfaction.

Side Effects of Masturbation

Self-satisfaction shouldn’t cause any unwanted reactions, and there’s no evidence of it provoking any health issues. But if you overindulge with it, some issues are possible.

  • Urinary tract infections (UTI) from masturbation. When touching your private parts, your hands must be clean. Otherwise, you risk bringing the infection to sight and dealing with it by taking antibiotics.
  • Loss of sensitivity in the penis or clitoris. The pressure you apply to the penis of clitoris while self-satisfying can damage the nerve tissue and cause sensitivity reduction or loss. So every new time you self-satisfy yourself, you have to apply more effort. This may also negatively affect your ability to orgasm when having sex with a partner.
  • The feeling of guilt. Some people grow in societies and religions that proclaim masturbation sinful and wrong. However, you should know that it’s a part of human nature, and there’s nothing wrong if you practice self-satisfaction.
  • Psychological addiction. When masturbating too often, you risk getting into trouble with getting rid of this habit. You may need to apply a lot of effort to recover. Some individuals will even need professional assistance.


The health of our kidneys and renal system overall has nothing to do with whether we masturbate and how often we do this. If self-satisfaction brings you joy, just enjoy it!


Is masturbating while having a kidney infection bad?

Kidney infection is not a reason to refuse masturbation. It’s safe.

Will daily masturbation affect the kidney?

Masturbation doesn’t harm kidneys regardless of how often you do it.

What to do if I have a kidney stone: can I still masturbate?

Yes. In fact, men can promote kidney stone passage by masturbating 3 – 4 times a week.

Is it OK to masturbate after a kidney biopsy?

Absolutely! If you feel well enough to masturbate, a kidney biopsy shouldn’t be an obstacle.

Can orgasm help kidney stones?

Yes. Orgasms help the natural passage of 5 – 10 mm kidney stones. However, this works in men only.