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If some years ago the aging process was inevitable and brought libido decrease to every man, nowadays we have different solutions to outperform it. Actually, we have at least two ways. The first one is to utilize synthetic hormones called steroids as replacement therapy. However, it is associated with many risks and severe side effects.

The second way is to pay attention to a variety of natural supplements that boost the hormonal system. They differ in composition and mechanism of action but are considered a healthier alternative to steroids. Such products influence the body as a whole and stimulate it in a mild but still effective way.

If you wish to stay young, energetic and full of life and love, learn more about the best over the counter male enhancement pills and select among them the one product that will satisfy all your needs.

What is Male Enhancement Pills?

Let’s first discover the basics of the best male enhancement pills. As we have already mentioned they are based on natural components, which include herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and other biologically active compounds.

Most of these components are well-known from ancient times and were used in some regions as aphrodisiacs. Nowadays they are all backed by science and numerous investigations have proven their potency in increasing libido and sexual power.

Each manufacturer develops a unique composition and tries to do his best in finding an effective combination. The main idea of the latter is to naturally boost the body to produce more male hormones and testosterone in the first place. To achieve this one needs to take these pills for at least a few months. Their combination with an active lifestyle and healthy diet provides amazing results.

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Performer 8 Best Male  Enhancement Pills


Performer 8

$64.99 – 90 Capsules

Erectin Male Enhancement Pills



$69.95 – 120 Capsules

VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Pills


VigRX Plus

$69.95 – 60 Tablets

Semenax Male Enhancement Pills



$59.95 – 120 Capsules

Common ingredients

What will you find inside the best pill for male enhancement? There is no one secret composition suitable for everyone. Among the most common, we should mention the following:

  • L-arginine;
  • Horny goat weed;
  • Maca root;
  • Ginkgo biloba;
  • Yohimbe;
  • Ginseng.

Apart from these effective herbal extracts, manufacturers also add different vitamins and minerals for additional enhancement.

How Age Affects Our Performance

Before moving on to the leading products in this area, let’s say a few words about the problem itself. What happens with a body of a man grown in the second half of life?


All the manhood and power of a man lie in one molecule that belongs to the group of steroid hormones. We call it testosterone and it is its decrease that robs men of savoring life at both work and private.
Usually, every man experience testosterone rise and fall during the day with a maximum peak early in the morning. The maximum concentration is observed in the 20s and then it starts to decline slowly but stubbornly. It feels like life is going out of you.

Erectile Performance

This aspect of men’s sexuality is directly related to testosterone. The more you have in your blood, there easier is to get hard, and vice versa.


The same story goes about your sexual dreams and desires that depend on the state of the hormonal system. Nature designed it so you feel the most sexually active in your early years. However, now we can influence libido no matter how old you are.

How male enhancement pills work

Now that you understand the main cause of aging sexual problems, it is quite easy to get an idea of their overcoming. Special supplements mean to turn the process back and activate the body from the inside. For this, they have an impact on the main chains of this system.

Improved blood flow

One of the important factors for a long-lasting erection is proper blood flow. Therefore, the composition often contains compounds from herbal extracts that dilate blood vessels and provide enough blood to the genitals. At the same time, muscles also get more blood together with oxygen and nutrients that are crucial for their growth and strength.

Enhanced libido

Aphrodisiacs that come from plant extracts usually guarantee a positive influence on the lust. In addition, the boost of testosterone production is the significant factor that turns on the body and makes active sexual life a top priority again. Such combined action feels great and returns thefeeling of youth to a man of any age.

Increased stamina

One more dimension of these pills is their influence on the muscular system. They help to gain muscular mass, improve strength and decrease recovery time, as well as lose fat and get an attractive physical appearance. That is the reason why many athletes are also interested in this product and combine going to the gym with such supplements.

Hormonal balance

Last but not least is the activation of the hormonal system. These pills act in a sophisticated way. If synthetic steroids just replace hormones and only confuse the body, natural supplements are aimed at a healthier boost. They contain compounds that enhance the natural production of hormones, namely testosterone. Then, the body continues to regulate this process and, at the same time, it gets enough initial compounds for this.

Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Pills

As there are various supplements on the market, it may be challenging to select one. Here we are giving an overview of the top ten options.

Perfomer 8

Perfomer 8 Male Enhancement Pills

This is the first product in our list, a plant-based and pure natural booster for men of any age.

What is Perfomer 8?

This supplement is aimed at making your intimate life as bright and exciting as it has ever been. It both boosts testosterone level and increase blood flow to guarantee long and strong erections. In addition, it increases fertility.

Furthermore, it not only improves reproductive health but also increases overall physical performance. Due to its intake, one will feel more strength inside and perform better in the gym with obvious results.

Performer 8 Best Male  Enhancement Pills


Performer 8

$64.99 – 90 Capsules


These pills are based on herbal extracts and contain:

  • Ashwagandha extract;
  • Ferrous bis-glycinate;
  • Grape seed extract;
  • Maca root extract;
  • Panax ginseng;
  • Muirapuama extract;
  • Horny goat weed;
  • Pine bark extract.

These are well-known aphrodisiacs so such a composition is a reliable booster for the man’s body. All the components were tested and their activity has been proven.

Side effects and safety

Natural components are usually not related to some severe side effects. The one issue that it is better to take into account is allergic reactions. If you are taking this supplement for the first time, pay careful attention to the reaction of the body. When there are any unpleasant feelings, stop taking them and consult your healthcare provider.

Customer testimonials

According to the performer 8 reviews, this product provides the required effects. Customers consider it as safe and effective and are totally satisfied with the results of its intake. For example:

David, 47: I’ve added this supplement to my daily routine a few months ago and now I feel its great influence. The level of my activity has increased in all areas of my life starting from work and ending with the bedroom. This is absolutely great to feel younger and stronger again as if my 20s suddenly came back.


Even the name of the second option speaks for itself. Those men who wish to have mind-blowing sex can get it no matter how old they are. Moreover, this product helps the body as a whole so activity is going to reveal itself in other areas of life also.

What is Erectin?

This product helps to improve the sexual experience acting in two ways. Firstly, it naturally boosts the production of testosterone. Secondly, it makes the blood flow better to provide stronger and longer erections. Altogether, it brings self-confidence back to every man who needs it.

Erectin Male Enhancement Pills



$69.95 – 120 Capsules


This unique composition consist of:

  • Bioperine Black Pepper;
  • Epimedium;
  • CuscutaChinensis;
  • Korean Red Ginseng;
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract;
  • Damiana Leaf;
  • Saw Palmetto;
  • Catuaba Bark;
  • TribulusTerrestris Seed Extract;
  • Chinese Hawthorn;
  • MuiraPuama Extract.

Here the developers gathered all the wisdom of the East countries and united in one pill the best enhancing herbal extracts that we know. Thus, the effect is guaranteed due to this powerful complex of herbs.

Side effects and safety

There are no special side effects described for this product. One should only pay attention to possible allergic reactions to some components. Therefore, consult the healthcare provider before taking it or if you experience some unpleasant effects.

Customer testimonials

This booster belongs to the popular products and has gained great popularity on the market. It is cost-effective and customers often refer to its safety and great effects that are observed after the course of intake.

Alan, 52: I have never thought that it can be so easy to feel young again and satisfy my partner in the bedroom. These pills are really incredible and I have not experienced any side effects while using them. On the contrary, the rise of sexual activity is obvious and my life becomes great again.

Prosolution Plus

Among different supplements, there are those that aim to treat some aspect of sexual problems. This one, for example, was developed to overcome premature ejaculation.

What is Prosolution Plus?

There are different opinions on average ejaculation time. However, if you and your partner feel that it is too early, you can improve the situation with Prosolution Plus. Its composition is based on natural ingredients that contribute to stronger erection and long-lasting pleasure for both partners.


The key to the efficacy of this product lies in the unique composition that includes:

  • Asphaltum;
  • CurculigoOrchioides;
  • AsteracanthaLongifolia;
  • MucunaPruriens;
  • Asparagus Adscendens;
  • WithaniaSomnifera;
  • TribulusTerrestris.

These herbal extracts are combined in precise quantities to make your libido awake, intensify the blood flow to the genitals and hold the ejaculation back according to your wish.

Side effects and safety

There are no described side effects for this composition. However, read it through carefully and think over possible allergic reactions. As some plants are exotic and unusual, your body may react to them in an unexpected way. Therefore, pay attention to the overall condition of the body while taking the supplement for the first time and follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

Customer testimonials

Those who have already tried this product, reveal its positive effects and the improvement in sexual life. Though the supplement does not boost hormonal changes a lot, it still does work and helps to feel confident in the bedroom.

Dave, 39: For me, cases of premature ejaculation became a surprise and an unpleasant one. I suffered from them both mentally and physically and did not believe that an easy solution to this problem exist. Still, II decided to try Prosolution Plus after having read numerous reviews and testimonials. Does prosolution plus work for me? Yes and I’m totally satisfied with this product that literally saved my life.

VigRX Plus

Another blend that is worth your attention is VigRX Plus. Its manufacturers used a few common and well-known components and enrich the composition with a few more powerful herbal extracts. Let’s see what they achieved.

What is VigRX Plus?

If you are looking for a boosting supplement that will influence the body as a whole, this can be your choice. The action of this product combines the activation of the hormonal system with a direct influence on the genitals. In addition, aphrodisiacs do their work while enhancing libido and sexuality.

VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Pills


VigRX Plus

$69.95 – 60 Tablets


Among vigrx plus ingredients, we can observe both rare and widely used components, namely:

  • Bioperine;
  • Ginkgo Biloba;
  • Saw Palmetto;
  • Catuaba Bark Extract;
  • Hawthorn Berry;
  • MuiraPuama Bark Extract;
  • Asian Red Ginseng;
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract;
  • Damiana.

These herbal extracts contain predecessors of testosterone and compounds that push the body toward its production. Moreover, there are numerous minerals and vitamins that are crucial for the proper work of the reproductive system. Altogether, they provide the body with all the necessary building materials to stay strong in the bedroom and everyday life.

Side effects and safety

This naturally-based product is free from harmful side effects. In addition, it has a mild action that develops gradually. Thus, there is no irrelevant stress for the body.

Still, one should pay attention to the individual reaction. Sometimes herbs cause allergic reactions, so it is better to be careful during the first intake.

Customer testimonials

What about customers’ feedback? According to it, it takes some time to get the desired effect with this product. However, it definitely brings the desired results and long intake is not associated with any unpleasant consequences.

Rupert, 53: I was looking for a boosting supplement and choose this one after reading numerous vigrx plus reviews. For me, it is great that I feel its influence on my whole life. After two months of regular intake, I feel more energetic, active and confident, and my nights also became brighter. Therefore, I’ll continue to use it and I’ll definitely recommend it for men of the same age.

Male Extra

One more interesting and promising option in our list isMale Extra.It’s a bit unusual due to the mechanism of action and is associated with an amazing effect on sexual life.

What is Male Extra?

The composition of this supplement was created to provide two types of action on the body:

  • to enhance testosterone production in a natural way;
  • to donate the vessels with the nitric oxide that is required for their dilation.

The second effect is required for longer and stronger erections. In addition, better blood flow is also good for muscle performance and brain work. As for the first action, a higher testosterone level is exactly the thing every man who feels exhausted needs.


This unique composition is based on the following compounds:

  • 40% Ellagic acid;
  • L-Arginine HCL;
  • Cordyceps;
  • Zinc;
  • Niacin;
  • Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM;
  • L-Methionine.

These all are crucial building blocks or small biologically active compounds precious for men’s health. Together they create the atmosphere for better sexual and daily life and performance everywhere starting from a gym and ending in the bed.

Side effects and safety

The manufacturer states the absence of side effects for this product. Its composition is verified to the smallest detail and selected in such a way as to minimize possible negative consequences. Still, if you take some other medicines, it is better to consult your healthcare provider on positive interactions. Pay careful attention to your individual response to the supplement and stop taking it in case of any unpleasant sensations.

Customer testimonials

Longer erections and pleasurable orgasms become a true reality with Male Extra. The product has proven itself to be efficient for men’s health and customers like it for an overall positive influence on the body.

Harry, 48: Some time ago, I’ve used steroids on a doctor’s prescription but there were side effects that made me stop. However, I succeeded in finding another way and I’m just happy that there is such a product as Male Extra. With it, I experience a boost in power and sexuality in absence of any side effects.


Those who care about their reproductive health should pay attention to this product. Its unique composition consists of 17 natural ingredients and does its best to improve both the quality and quantity of semen.

What is Semenax?

According to its name, Semenaxwas developed to deepen orgasm intensity and pleasure and improve semen output.This is a bit of specialized action. However, the product also has a good overall boosting effect and can be utilized for the improvement of sexual life.

Semenax Male Enhancement Pills



$59.95 – 120 Capsules


To achieve the aim of influencing semen, scientists worked hard and combined 17 components in one sophisticated mechanism. Among them, there are herbal extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, namely:

  • ButeaSuperba;
  • Avena Sativa Extract;
  • Sarsaparilla;
  • Cranberry Extract;
  • Hawthorne;
  • MuiraPuama;
  • Pine Bark Extract;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Maca;
  • Pumpkin Seed;
  • Catuaba Bark;
  • L-Carnitine;
  • Zinc Oxide & Zinc Aspartate;
  • EpimediumSagittatum;
  • L-Lysine;
  • L-Arginine;
  • Swedish Flower Pollen.

Each ingredient is supported by the action of the other. Therefore, altogether we get powerful synergy and inevitable improvement of the reproductive health of a man.

Side effects and safety

Natural components that are present in this product do not provide any side effects. In addition, their quantity is carefully chosen to get the desired action without any bad consequences to the body. The main thing is to follow the recommended dosage and rules of intake.

Due to the presence of several exotic herbal extracts, some people may experience allergic reactions. Therefore, be careful during the first period of intake and do not combine this product with other medicines.

Customer testimonials

Semenax reviews on different resources state the activity and efficiency of this supplement. Thus, it improves the quality of intercourse as well as fertility.

Nick, 41: I spent a lot of time choosing a supplement to improve semen quality and quantity. It appears that there are not so many of them on the market. Even more, I was glad to find Semenax that has shown its efficiency already during the first weeks of regular intake. In addition, the product is safe and improves my overall condition.


If you wish to give your body a mild push and increase your stamina, this product may be your choice. It is rich in antioxidants that improve overall metabolism and make the sexual experience better.

What is Viasil?

This composition was designed for men over 50 years old who require support and boost for the body. Natural ingredients are aimed at normalization of hormonal balance and metabolism. With their help, one feels more strength in everyday life as well as in the bedroom.


The unusual unique composition of this supplement is based on the following ingredients:

  • Epimediumbrevicornum(Horny goat weed);
  • Zinc;
  • Citrus Sinensis;
  • Ginkgo Biloba;
  • TribulusTerrestris;
  • Panax Ginseng root;
  • Pomegranate.

Here you can see well-known aphrodisiacs together with herbal extracts rich in antioxidants and zinc that are crucial for testosterone production.

Side effects and safety

To get the desired effect, one needs to take this product regularly for several months. However, as it is not associated with any dangerous side effects, there is no problem with doing this.

Those who are taking such a supplement for the first time should be careful with possible individual allergies. Still, it’s also quite a rare case and the high safety of this product makes it even more beneficial.

Customer testimonials

Searching through reviews, you’ll find lots of positive comments. The efficacy differs a bit and the development of action takes different times according to the initial condition of the body. Still, men with testosterone decrease report an improvement in stamina and libido.

Max, 56: I was searching for a boosting product that will not be harmful. Thus, I was interested in this truly natural composition. It takes more than two months of regular intake to feel the improvement in my overall and man’s health. However, now I’m much more energetic and mind-blowing sex has returned to my life. So I’m more than satisfied with this supplement.

Volume Pills

The next position on our list is also a bit specific. It was developed, first and foremost, to increase semen volume. Therefore, it is recommended for those who wish to experience a significant increase.

What is Volume Pills?

The task to increase semen volume is not an ordinary one. To solve it, scientists needed a lot of time and created a unique composition of ancient Chinese ingredients. Modern science has proven their possibility to improve the quality of sexual life, libido and boost the body toward the production of larger semen quantity. Its quality also improves.


There are most unusual ingredients in this product that are quite rare but helpful:

  • FucusVesiculosus;
  • Drilizen;
  • Tian Men Dong;
  • Xian Mao;
  • Ling Zhi;
  • Zinc Gluconate;
  • Dong Chong Xia Cao;
  • San Guo Mu;
  • 4,5,7-trihydroxyflavone;
  • EmblicaOfficinalis;
  • Ku Gua;
  • Xi Lan Rou Gui;
  • Huang Hua Fen;
  • Solidilin.

This natural composition is mostly plant-based. In addition, several antioxidants and zinc are added to it for better performance of the hormonal system and metabolic processes.

Side effects and safety

There are no common side effects of this product. Its safety was checked and proven by thorough research. Still, as there are many unique ingredients, one should check an individual response to the pills. If any unpleasant feelings appear during the first weeks of intake, it is better to stop it and consult your healthcare provider.

Customer testimonials

This supplement is quite popular on the market even with its more narrow focus. Customers report that together with increased semen volume, they get more strength and energy for everyday life and their sex drive also goes up.

Alex, 57: I started to experience a decrease in the semen quantity not so long ago. There were some issues with my sex drive and stamina that disturbed me. On the recommendation of my healthcare provider, I started to use Volume Pills. I was a bit skeptical at first and it also took some time to feel its effect. However, now I’m grateful for this advice as my sexual life is experiencing a renaissance and that is more than great!


One more versatile and powerful product on our top list is Extenze. It is aimed to give the body both short-term and long-term effects. Let’s see what it does.

What is Extenze?

In terms of long action, this product mildly boosts the body toward the production of larger testosterone quantities. For this, it contains components for hormone building and those activating the system from the inside. Moreover, other components increase the blood flow in the genitals and contribute to a stronger and longer erections. Altogether, step by step the body returns to a younger and more active condition.


This unique composition combines 15 ingredients in the exactly required quantities, namely:

  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride;
  • Astragalus;
  • MuiraPuama Extract;
  • Horny Goat Weed;
  • TribulusTerrestris;
  • Yohimbe Extract;
  • Piper Longum;
  • Pregnenolone;
  • Zinc;
  • CnidiumMonnieri;
  • Maca;
  • DHEA;
  • Velvet Bean Extract;
  • Folic Acid;
  • Niacin.

Powerful herbal extracts here are successfully supplemented by microelements and vitamins. Therefore, the body gets all the vital compounds necessary for better sexual performance.

Side effects and safety

Safe natural composition is not associated with any severe side effects. No matter how long you take it, you will not experience any unpleasant consequences. And the long period of its utilization is crucial for the observation of the effect.

During the first weeks of its intake, follow your own feelings. In rare cases, herbal extracts may cause allergic reactions. However, it is still not common.

Customer testimonials

Customers do like this supplement for a good cost-efficiency ratio. Some of them state that they required more time to get the desired effect. Still, it always revealed itself and did not disappear abruptly that is also important.

Cris, 44: I have tried different methods for boosting my testosterone level. However, only with Extenze, I achieved this aim. It also took time but the effect was incredible. After almost three months of regular intake, I felt younger again, more active and less depressed. Not to mention long and pleasant erections that I can now control without any difficulties.

Prosolution Gel

To close our top ten list we have chosen another popular option. Prosolution Gel is an additional product that one can use before or between sex sessions to improve quality and satisfaction.

What is Prosolution Gel?

The main idea here is to provide more blood to the penis when needed. It can be easily done by ingredients that donate nitric oxide to the vessels here and dilate them. The more blood comes to the penis, the more strength and stamina will be found in it. Thus, it is a more than an effective way to get mind-blowing sex whenever you wish.


This composition is compact but efficient and contains the following ingredients:

  • Bearberry extract;
  • Algae extract;
  • Mango butter;
  • Menthol;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Aloe Vera.

It is purely natural and not associated with any harmful effects. In addition, it is adsorbed quickly and can be sued together with condoms.

Side effects and safety

There are no side effects for this product except for some individual allergic reactions. Moreover, it is edible so it can be utilized as a part of foreplay and for having oral fun as well.

Customer testimonials

Customers really appreciate this unique product. It is easy to use and more than beneficial for the bright sex. In addition, it is well-known for its safety. Thus, there is no need to worry. And the effect is observed in just 15 minutes after application.

Jack, 39: I’ve not experienced sexual problems yet. However, sometimes usual fatigue or a bad day can spoil all the evening and night. Therefore, I searched for a product that can help me to get harder here and now. For me, Prosolution Gel has become the greatest option ever. There is nothing difficult or unpleasant in using it and it has never failed me.

Tips for Choosing the Right Male Enhancement Pill

Altogether, there are numerous options to bring back your youth and sexual activity. However, the question still arises how to select one among them.It may seem a challenging task to do this, especially for those who are a novice in this area. We have gathered a few basic helpful tips to navigate the topic and make a beneficial choice.

Consult a healthcare professional

It is advisable to start with a professional consultation, especially if you have some disease or take some other medicines on a regular basis. In addition, a doctor can make you a prescription to check your testosterone levels. Then, you’ll better understand what you need and which composition will be the most beneficial.

Research ingredients and manufacturers

Pay attention to the composition, quantity of ingredients and reliability of the manufacturer. Supplements usually undergo less strict control than medicines. Therefore, one has to be 100% sure of the manufacturing process and correspondence of it to existing regulations.

Look for reputable and unbiased reviews

Customers prefer to find and read reviews on the subject and this is a good way to reveal the truth about the product. Still, not all of the testimonials are real and honest. Thus, visit more than one resource with reviews and compare them to find out the reality.

Be cautious of exaggerated claims and false promises

Keep in mind that any supplement can create a miracle for you. First and foremost, it always takes time to observe its influence. Secondly, your lifestyle also matters. Therefore, do not believe in advertising that promises some great results in a very short time.

Follow recommended dosages and instructions

Of course, supplements are not the same as medicines. Still, they require your attention and responsibility. Carefully read through the instruction and follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. Remember that theyare backed by science so you will definitely profit from following them.

Potential Side Effects and Risks

As far as we areconcerned supplements require the same attention as medicines. When you provide your body with something unusual, you never know the reaction. Therefore, do not neglect basic rules of caution.

Potential side effects

Keep in mind that even natural components may have side effects. Even when the manufacturer states that there is none, your unique body may react in an unexpected way. Thus, always study the list of side effects and pay attention to your own sensations after the intake of the pill. If there is even the slightest doubt and discomfort, stop taking it and visit a doctor.

Interactions with medications

Supplements are full of biologically active compounds that can interact with medicines. Therefore, if you need to take some daily, consult your healthcare provider on the possibility of such joint intake. Better to select the pills that can be combined with the required type of medicines.
At least, you should not take medicines and supplements at the same time. This way, you will minimize the possibility of harmful interactions.

The importance of consulting a healthcare professional

Altogether, you now see that there are issues hard for solving on your own.Easy availability of different supplements does not mean that one can purchase and taste them without consideration. With the help of these pills, you wish to influence the most sophisticated hormonal system of the body. Thus, do not neglect the help of professionals.

In addition, a doctor will find out your needs and probable causes of the problems and will help to make the correct choice of supplement. This means you will get the desired effect even more quickly and without any problems.

Alternatives to Male Enhancement Pills

Last but not least is your lifestyle that influences the quality of your sexual life. If you switch to a healthier alternative, you will perform better even without pills. Together with pills, the effect will be even more pronounced.

Lifestyle changes

If you want to perform in the bedroom like in your 20s, do not neglect the following advice:

  • A healthy diet. It brings necessary compounds to the body to build hormones and more. Do not forget about proteins also that make you a man.
  • Regular physical activity. Without a gym, it’s hard to keep a good appearance.
  • Enough quantity of high-quality sleep every night contributes greatly to your health.
  • Stress management should help you to avoid overload at work.

All these rules are useful at any time and for every man as they contribute greatly to the overall quality of life.

Psychological approaches

Do not forget that sometimes sexual problems have a psychological origin. Therefore, mindfulness practices, meditation and consulting with a specialist can improve libido as well as supplements and medicines.

There can be some psychological problems that you are even not aware of. Thus, pay attention to your mental health.

Medical treatments

At last, there are always steroids or hormonal replacement therapy. They just bring testosterone to your body providing swift action but also some side effects. That is why any medical treatment must be prescribed by your doctor only and you have to take such medicines under the control.
Here lies the key difference between medicines and supplements. The latter have milder action and provide an effect not so fast but without side effects to the body.


Altogether, now you are aware of all the useful detail to stay forever young and sexually active. Select the pills that will return your youth feeling and correct the lifestyle to stay healthy and strong. Life can be beautiful at any point and you have now the knowledge to make it enjoyable and full of love and mind-blowing sex.


What pills help get hard?

There are numerous special supplements on the market such as Performer 8, Erectin,Prosolution Plus, Vigrx Plus, Male Extra, Semenax, Viasil, Volume Pills, Extenze and others. Read carefully their instructions, compositions and customer reviews to select the one that will suit all your needs.

Do male enhancement pills work?

Yes, they do it via a natural boost to testosterone production and other helpful effects. For instance, they improve blood flow and provide the body with important minerals, vitamins and amino acids.To get a result, one should take them for a few weeks at least. When you follow all the recommendations on the intake, then the effect is guaranteed.

What happens if you take too many male enhancement pills?

The increase in dosage will not bring you any desired effects faster. These products are just not designed in a way to bring quick effect. However, if you take more pills than recommended there can be side effects from the digestive system or allergic reactions. Therefore, do not rush with these supplements and stay patient while taking the recommended course.

What is the strongest male enhancement pill?

Each pill is unique in its own way. The top ten list includes Performer 8, Erectin,Prosolution Plus, Vigrx Plus, Male Extra, Semenax, Viasil, Volume Pills, Extenze and Prosolution Gel. Each option differs in the composition and quantity of ingredients and is aimed at some aspect of the sexual life problem.

Can male enhancement pills cause erectile dysfunction?

No, this is truly impossible because they act in the opposite direction and help one to stay strong and amazing in the bedroom. One just has to keep in mind that they do not act immediately and their action takes time. So, do not wait for a prompt result, stay patient and everything will go well.

Does Semenax help erectile dysfunction?

Yes, this supplement was developed to overcome this problem. It contains a unique combination of 17 ingredients that work together to bring back the active sexual life to any man who experiences problems in this area. Regular intake of this product improves the hormonal balance and blood flow that are crucial for the quality of sexual life.

How long do male enhancement pills last?

To observe the effect of these products, one needs from a few weeks to a few months. When you stop using them, the effect depends on the state of the body at the given moment. Thus, it can also last for a few weeks or months and then can gradually subside. However, regular intake is not associated with any problems so one can repeat the course anytime it is needed.